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DWC (Double Wall Corrugated) Pipes are originally manufactured by using HDPE material and is used as a replacement for GI, RCC & PVC pipes in electric cable networks and other applications. DHY Trading Corporation, being one of the paramount DWC Pipes Manufacturers In Mumbai, India, has standard designs in different configurations to use in underground laying, sewer laying, electrical work, etc.

This Double Wall Corrugated Pipe has gone through different quality tests, which ensures that they have the ability to bear the maximum load. Their corrugated shape makes them heat resistant and ensures quick and simple installation. While manufacturing the DWC pipes, very minimal material is required that reduces the environmental issues. Due to their durability, they serve the best performance for years and years, and you don’t need to replace them shortly.

They are known for their excellent features, which increase their demand and we, as one of the painstaking HDPE DWC Pipe Suppliers and Exporters, try our best to meet that. You can send the enquiry or call directly to speak with our executives now.


  • Excellent ring stiffness
  • No algae and corrosion
  • Takes heavy earth loads
  • Longer-life than other pipes
  • Easy to bent and join with coupler
  • No solvent required to seal the pipe
  • Chemically inert & environmentally safe
  • Smooth inner wall for minimum friction loss
  • Moderate flexibility for soil settlement if any
  • Great strength in the compression resistance
  • Require less time and labour for installation and maintenance
  • Available with Anti Rodent & Non Flame Propagating properties


  • Material: HDPE
  • Structure: Double Wall Corrugated Pipe/Tube (Outer side Corrugated, inner side Plain & smooth, Edges of pipes are Smooth & Machine cut,
  • Type: Push Fit type with coupler & rubber ring
  • Size: 40mm to 1000mm OD
  • Standard Diameters(OD): 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 120mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 315mm
  • Technical Specifications: IS14930/TSEC specifications (GR/DWC- 34/01Sep2007) /IS16098
  • Large Diameters are for UG Sewer Pipes as per IS16098 are in black color
  • Standard Bar Length: 6m (20ft)
  • Coil Length: 100m to 500m (for smaller diameters till 50mm)
  • Color: Orange, Blue, Black color
  • Other Colors: Outer Black, Inner other color (as per customer requirements subject to MOQ)


  • OFC Cable laying along with PLB Duct
  • Underground applications
  • Drainage for non pressure underground sewer applications such as culverts etc.

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