Different Duct Accessories And Their Uses

Ducts can be defined as the passages that are used in different applications such as ventilating heat and other purposes. There are so many duct accessories such as Couplers, Simple Plug, End Plug, Danger Tapes, Warning Tapes, or DI Fittings, and if you are in search of the one, then DHY Trading Corporation is the name you can trust upon. We are considered as a top-tier Couplers Manufacturers that deliver high-grade products to each and every customer. Before making a purchase, you need to know what different types of duct accessories are and in which applications they are used.

Couplers – It is a product that is used for temporarily joining two different objects or a system.

Simple Plug - In these duct accessories; rigid bus bars are enclosed in a rectangular metal housing and are used in commercial and domestic, both purposes.

End Plug – These duct accessories are used to block HDPE, DWC, PVC pipe from one end and protect chemicals, water and other things to enter the duct.

Danger Tapes – This tape is used in crime scenes or construction sites to mark a place as not safe or risky.

Warning Tapes – These tapes are used for marking a place as unsafe or dangerous so that the people may get alert and stay away from the site.

DI Fittings – DI is short for Ductile Iron and, it is used to protect the fittings and ensure its life.

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